Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Not good enough.

My daughter is autistic. You already know this. She’s starting school next year. Over the past 2 years we have been giving her every possible opportunity to get up to speed in order to mix with her classmates. She has been bombarded with early intervention, speech therapy, behaviour management and a specialist autistic kinder. The mainstream kinder has also been a huge help this year as have the local day care facility. In short over the past two years she has gone from barely being able to string a three word sentence together to actually having a (and I use the term loosely) conversation with me.

Recently we had a transition to prep workshop, especially designed for those parents who were sending their ASD kid to school and for the school to attend. It was a Very Important meeting; it was a Very Informative meeting. It was all geared up for the schools who were welcoming an ASD child into their classrooms.

Two of the Important things we all had to do were a student snapshot and detailed questionnaire that the schools would have on hand. Everything from health, what might create anxiety (melt downs) how to manage it, effective use of rewards and so on. Basically anything that would help the teachers, teach our ASD child. It was great.

On my table we had The Nations Child team; her kinder teacher, her mother, her case manager, her speech therapist and two people from her school who were invisible because we couldn’t fucking see them.

Every other child’s parent had a representative from the school. There were schools there that didn’t even have an ASD child starting; they were there for their own personal development. Clearly the College that I’m sending my ASD child to doesn’t give a fuck.

The excuse from the campus principal was “She was too busy”. She knew for two months beforehand and neglected to let the prep teachers or the student welfare officer even know about the workshop; but she nominated them to attend. When one of my team contacted them, they were horrified as they would have come if they knew.

I would write a letter but I’m no longer needed. I already know that two of the professionals conducting the workshop are putting complaints into regional, as are our team. No doubt I will be called upon to give my view and give it I shall.

Highly unprofessional. Turns the school statement into a mockery. Seriously hurtful.

We really want to play a key part in your child’s education – Really?!

Yes, we care about each and every child – Really?!

Support programs are provided for children with special needs – Really?!

Unfortunately while the fault lies with the delightful campus head, the teachers are going to have their work cut out convincing me that the College has my children’s best interest at heart.

Too fucking busy indeed.

I might be too fucking busy to pay the school fees.